Community Cashflow-Huh?

In every community, there are three main types of cash flow: Good money, Bad money, and Neutral money. Each of them has a different effect on the local economy. Good money is generated outside of the community and spent inside the community--this increases the wealth of the town. A great example of this in Macon County, TN is the Folk Medicine Festival. This event is marketed all over the Southeast region and at several travel shows. It draws thousands of travelers to Red Boi

Website vs. Social Media

Business owners often ask do I really need to have a website and social media? Absolutely! Simply because this provides the most visibility for your business. However, it may not be the best answer for your business. In fact, there are a few factors that I recommend you consider before jumping on board. Does your company have the budget to support designing and maintaining a website? If the answer is no, it may be best to stick with social media. Social media can be cost effe

2019 National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week is May 5th-11th! For over 50 years, this week has been set aside by a presidential proclamation to recognize the many contributions of small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Small Business Association will kick off the week with a live stream on their Facebook page, May 5th. Throughout the week there are several training opportunities available. The live-stream workshops will begin May 5th; industry experts will cover digital commerce and the cur

Market YOUR Message~

A marketing plan will help keep your priorities aligned and help you stay within budget. To create a good plan you must consider your audience, define your message and create the budget. These three steps help fine tune your marketing message and ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars. The first step in prioritizing your marketing is choosing your target audience. Once you identify who you are trying to reach, study how your audience prefers to communic

Volunteer State of Mind

April is National Volunteer Month-this month is dedicated to honoring volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism. Have you ever wondered how your County Fair operates? Or who takes care of the concession stand at your favorite school ballgame? It takes countless hours donated by volunteers to pull off all of this magic. I would like to send out a big “Thank You” to all volunteers for sharing your talents and time with your community! Volunteerism is ver

#ShopLocal-Tell Me Why?

You have heard me say #ShopLocal for years now, but why is it so important? Today I would like to consider how a city government funds its services for the community. Simply put there is a "bank account" where several tax revenue streams are "deposited." Sales tax is part of that revenue mix and consists of two portions: 7% that goes to the State of Tennessee and the rest is returned to the city where the purchase was made. Therefore, when you go grocery shopping at Mike's Va

Idea to Business--How Do I Get There?

You have a great business idea but you aren't sure what step to take next? The best way to overcome an obstacle is to connect with a person that has made it to the other-side. Building a network of professional mentors is essential to your business' success. It is not so important that you to have every talent necessary to run your business...rather that you know who to reach out to when you get to that next step! Recently I read a story about a law suit Henry Ford was involv

Target Your Audience!

While creating marketing plans, business owners often struggle with defining the business' target audience. Yet identifying your target market is the first step in creating the best marketing mix for your business. Some may feel that this will limit potential customers. Quite the opposite--it allows the business to focus their marketing efforts on the target audience that is more likely to purchase its products or services. Thereby increasing the business' revenue and its ove

The "Shop Local" Impact

This week the #EwingMarionKauffmanFoundation hosted the 10th Annual State of Entrepreneurship Address. Wendy Guillies, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, talked about how many #MainStreet communities are a shadow of their former self. And she went on to propose that supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs is one of the best solutions for this issue, "As a society we need to champion these makers, doers and dreamers." "Every month, just three out of 1,000 Amer

#Hashtag Marketing

We have all seen hashtags on social media but what do they really do? How do you use them in your marketing mix? A hashtag is an indexing tool that links your message to a larger audience and can raise your brand awareness. Below are a few tips to help you get started: Research Hashtags- before you use a hashtag in your message, drop it in the search box of your favorite social media platform or use a hashtag analytic tool. Is the information a good match for your product or

Strategic Planning 101

Do you know where you will be when you get to where you are going? While there is no guarantee in life, there is a way to line up your resources to reach your destination. Create a strategic plan--its like bringing the future to the present, you can have an impact today! The first step to a successful plan is to identify the issues/areas that you would like to change. Then prioritize the issues by importance and start the planning with the most important areas. Now let's do a

The "Shop Local" Impact

Does shopping local really matter that much? How does it build community? Let's consider a current issue addressed at the last Red Boiling Springs, TN Council Meeting (Jan 2019), the poor condition of the city streets and the lack of funding to make the necessary repairs. The revenue to create, maintain, and repair city streets is primarily generated through fuel tax. Fuel tax is charged by the gallon at the pump--the community where the is fuel is purchased receives a percen