Marketing in the Palm of Your Hands

Social Media Marketing Often we think technology is creating a disconnect in society but if we tune in a little deeper we can see people are truly more engaged socially now than ever before in history. It’s just that nowadays our social network is in the palm of our hands. Most people tune into their favorite social media app on their smartphones several times a day for all the latest news. Therefore, as a small business or entrepreneur you must be creating content on these p

#Hashtag Marketing

We have all seen hashtags on social media but what do they really do? How do you use them in your marketing mix? A hashtag is an indexing tool that links your message to a larger audience and can raise your brand awareness. Below are a few tips to help you get started: Research Hashtags- before you use a hashtag in your message, drop it in the search box of your favorite social media platform or use a hashtag analytic tool. Is the information a good match for your product or