#ShopLocal-Tell Me Why?

You have heard me say #ShopLocal for years now, but why is it so important? Today I would like to consider how a city government funds its services for the community. Simply put there is a "bank account" where several tax revenue streams are "deposited." Sales tax is part of that revenue mix and consists of two portions: 7% that goes to the State of Tennessee and the rest is returned to the city where the purchase was made. Therefore, when you go grocery shopping at Mike's Va

The "Shop Local" Impact

Does shopping local really matter that much? How does it build community? Let's consider a current issue addressed at the last Red Boiling Springs, TN Council Meeting (Jan 2019), the poor condition of the city streets and the lack of funding to make the necessary repairs. The revenue to create, maintain, and repair city streets is primarily generated through fuel tax. Fuel tax is charged by the gallon at the pump--the community where the is fuel is purchased receives a percen