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Idea to Business--How Do I Get There?

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

You have a great business idea but you aren't sure what step to take next? The best way to overcome an obstacle is to connect with a person that has made it to the other-side. Building a network of professional mentors is essential to your business' success.

It is not so important that you to have every talent necessary to run your business...rather that you know who to reach out to when you get to that next step!

Recently I read a story about a law suit Henry Ford was involved in during the World War. Ford was suing a Chicago newspaper for libeling him. During the opposing attorney's relentless general knowledge questioning, Ford grew frustrated after a particularly offensive question and replied,

"... Now, will you kindly tell me, WHY I should clutter up my mind with general knowledge, for the purpose of being able to answer questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?"

Everyone in the courtroom was floored! You see Mr. Henry Ford understood the power of having good people around him. He didn't have to struggle with every detail or know every answer--he knew exactly who to reach out to. So where do you start? How do you build your network?

Thankfully there are several resources available for entrepreneurs or small businesses--I recommend that you reach out to these organizations and start building your personal network:

Small Business Development Center- training in various areas of business and free business advising.

Business Enterprise Resource Office- TN SmartStart (digital business road map) and Placemakers Entrepreneurship Fund.

Macon County Chamber of Commerce- monthly luncheon with local business owners and community leaders.

Learn what you can online, reach out to mentors and organizations to overcome the current hurdle but keep at it. Remember you don't have to have all the just have to ask questions and find the resource that can provide the answer. Then take the next step, repeat!

Good luck turning those ideas into your very own business!

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