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Marketing in the Palm of Your Hands

Social Media Marketing

Often we think technology is creating a disconnect in society but if we tune in a little deeper we can see people are truly more engaged socially now than ever before in history. It’s just that nowadays our social network is in the palm of our hands. Most people tune into their favorite social media app on their smartphones several times a day for all the latest news. Therefore, as a small business or entrepreneur you must be creating content on these platforms because that is where our society’s attention is today.

"Connect with our customers on the networks that hold their attention."

There are several social networks out there—so where do you start? The top four apps for small business are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Each have their pros and cons. Facebook is the largest social network with over two billion active users. It is easy to use and works well with most content (text, images & videos). The second largest community is YouTube with just under two billion users; it is video only. However, If you are comfortable working in front of the screen, this can be a very powerful tool to brand your company. Next Instagram, with one billion viewers, is a photo and video sharing app. The video duration is limited but recently the developers have introduced a new option that will allow longer videos. Lastly Twitter, which is a text based platform, is known for relaying information that is happening right this minute.

I promise am not suggesting that you have to use all of these apps; at least not at first. However, I do encourage each of you to spend a little time reading about your preferred platform and/or watch a few YouTube video. It is best to start slow and build your confidence to tackle the next community. However, if you find it too tedious, please, be sure to hire someone to get the job done for you. Honestly we can’t afford to not be on social media.

The reality is that technology isn’t going anywhere. Therefore, we as entrepreneurs and small business owners must learn to connect with our customers on the networks that hold their attention. Please be sure to invest in your social media presence today—we each need our message in the palm of your customer’s hand!

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