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  • Crystal Justice

The "Shop Local" Impact

This week the #EwingMarionKauffmanFoundation hosted the 10th Annual State of Entrepreneurship Address. Wendy Guillies, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation,

talked about how many #MainStreet communities are a shadow of their former self. And she went on to propose that supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs is one of the best solutions for this issue, "As a society we need to champion these makers, doers and dreamers."

"Every month, just three out of 1,000 Americans decide to start a new business. Success really depends on what the rest of us, the 997, do to support the work of the three."

So if you are not one of the three--what can you do to support your community? You guessed it...#ShopLocal! In addition, we need to grow our own entrepreneurs and champion their efforts. By the shear numbers, the success of the three depends upon the actions of us 997. Your simple actions can have a big impact on the health of your local economy and the sustainability of your local businesses. So if you see a new store or restaurant open--go in, check it out and share your experience on social media, with your friends, family, etc. If you are an elected official you can help create an entrepreneur eco-system. Victor Hwang, vice president of Entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation, stated, "By lifting up entrepreneurs, we are lifting up our communities...."

To revive our local economy and improve our quality of life, we have to invest in each other. Let's rebuild our Main Street one small business at a time--WE are the solution! What can you do to support entrepreneurs?

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